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NOVA services include outreach and recruitment, comprehensive applicant assessment, educational enhancement programs, occupational skills training, job search and placement, and case management services and other social service agencies help NOVA staff organize recruitment fairs and career fairs to reach individuals and families in need of training opportunities.

Outreach, Recruitment & Applicant Assessment

Once they complete their training program, all NOVA participants are offered job search and placement services.

NOVA staff members provide assistance with resume writing, interviewing techniques and job search activities.

In many cases, participants receive direct job leads, including contact information, to allow them to quickly transition from a full-time training program to full-time employment.

In addition, program services such as transportation assistance, childcare, counseling and referral assistance are available for a period of up to 90 days following job placement to ensure NOVA participants remain employed and maximize earnings.

NOVA staff members also contact participants for a period of up to 18 months following job placement to collect employment information.

Educational Enhancement and Occupational Programs

The enrollment process begins with an orientation and comprehensive skill assessment to help applicants establish a career path and determine their academic competencies for training.

Orientation is a brief presentation of the history, objectives and accomplishments of NOVA, and it informs applicants about their responsibilities as a participant.

Outreach, Recruitment & Applicant Assessment

Job Search, Placement and Case Management

All NOVA participants receive case management services throughout their enrollment period.

Case management includes guidance, counseling, support services, and other relevant training needs. Guidance and counseling are vital components of the case management plan and help to strengthen communication channels between case manager and participant.


NOVA case managers maintain weekly contact with participants to ensure that they are progressing in their respective training programs.

Many participants require access to a wide range of support services including transportation assistance, childcare assistance, and utility assistance. Others also require emergency aid for housing and/or food.


NOVA utilizes a comprehensive network of community service organizations to ensure participants receive the assistance they need.

By offering participants individual attention to address personal issues, case management services give each NOVA participant the best opportunity to successfully complete their training program and move on to economic self-sufficiency.