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President's Message

The success NOVA continues to realize comes from the regional partners who share a compassion and desire to improve the quality of life of the citizens of our region.


They share a vision of what is possible, and they share a drive to improve the standard of living that comes from securing a living wage job.  As Board President, I remain committed to carrying the torch high and proud and to continue the mission that began over 10 years ago.  Without the leadership and commitment of the dedicated staff of NOVA, the benchmarks and goals would have never reached the level they are at today.


The well-rounded diversity of the Board of Directors showcases some of the top leadership talent our community has to offer, and what a difference it makes to have them as a part of our team.


I also want to recognize the outstanding regional business partners that put NOVA graduates into these living wage jobs, and make the dream a reality.  Cheers to the Graduates, the Staff of NOVA, The Board of Directors, The NOVA Advisory Council members, and the business partners that have led NOVA to the level they are at today.



Robert Hartmann

NOVA Board President