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Career counseling is about learning how to make informed decisions; decisions that reflect your personal criteria for choosing work you will enjoy.

The NOVA Career Center offers drop-in and individual career counseling services for students and alumni. Career counseling includes a wide range of services, including self-exploration; researching academic and career options; decision-making and developing action-steps; experiential learning opportunities, and job search strategies and resources. If you need assistance with choosing or changing a career path, career counseling may be right for you.


Career counseling services at NOVA are available to assist students and alumni in any of the following areas:


  • Choosing or changing a career path
  • Decision-making, goal setting and/or developing action steps
  • Internships and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Job search strategies
  • Resume and cover letter writing; resume critiques
  • Practice for interview sessions
  • Assessment of skills, values, and interests
  • Overcoming obstacles to achieving your education and career goals
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Part-time jobs
  • Speaking with professionals in your field of interest


A NOVA Employer Services representative can provide a confidential consultation to answer your questions. Contact us at (318) 855-1923 to learn more or email us at