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Career Training

NOVA’s primary focus areas for employment opportunities are Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Customer Service. NOVA works together with local training and educational institutions to provide the necessary resources needed to ensure that our participants are successful.
NOVA also provides ongoing Career Readiness Training to all of its participants. The Career Readiness Training is a 6 to 8-week training class that is held twice a week at a designated location in the area. The classes are held 4 times per year.
Career Prep Curriculum
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication Skills / Under Management
  • Employability Tips
  • The Job Application
  • Resume Writing
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Dressing for Success
  • The Interview
  • Mock Interviews
A NOVA Employer Services representative can provide a confidential consultation to answer your questions. Contact us at (318) 855-1923 to learn more or email us at