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Employer Services at NOVA

NOVA Employer Services is an effective collaborator in building relationships that ultimately enhance job seeker success. The team works proactively to deliver services that are practical, timely, and tailored to a customer’s needs. We provide high-quality, customized services to your Silicon Valley business whether you need staffing assistance, outplacement services or employment training. Our innovative solutions are provided to you at little or no cost through a variety of grants.

How can NOVA Employer Services help you and your business?
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Staffing and recruitment
When you need to grow your business, NOVA can help find quality candidates for your job openings.

On-the-Job Training
Invest in your business by customizing a training program for great candidates and receive 50–90% wage reimbursement during training.

Layoff and outplacement assistance  
We can help you provide your employees with outplacement services and retraining opportunities. 

Employee training and professional development
Upgrade your employees’ skills and provide them with professional development. 

NOVA's Benefits to Employers

Identifying and addressing an employer's workforce needs.

Providing abetter skilled and productive workforce through training programs, giving  employers work-ready individuals to hire.

Linking employers to other opportunities to fulfill their workforce needs.