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About Us

What is NOVA?


It is the Mission of NOVA, as a job intermediary, to identify and connect the workforce needs of employers with training entities and with the residents of Northeast Louisiana seeking living wage employment and benefits.


Consistent with the mission statement and the underlying assumptions, the following are the goals of NOVA:

To provide jobs-driven education and training. NOVA will collaborate closely with employers, ensuring that education and training meet the needs of their openings. No participant begins training without reasonable assurance of specific opportunities with specific employers.

To provide long-term training and post-placement support. Organizations support participants as they proceed through community college/technical college-level training as long as participant is proceeding satisfactory toward their career path.

To offer participants family wage jobs with benefits and a career path. Our goal is for participants to reach jobs that offer at least $12 per hour, benefits, and further career advancement.

To provide institution based commitment and accountability. Participants will enter NOVA through organizations whose leaders commit to support them and to hold them accountable. In return, participants make commitments back to the community.

To assist participants in accessing support services such as childcare, transportation, emergency assistance, and counseling so that they can focus on their training, education, and/or career advancement.

How does NOVA work?


NOVA's primary focus is to identify the workforce needs and address them through:

Developing customized training through employer/s that has need of employees in a specific occupation/s.


Individuals go through an application, testing, assessment and interview process before being considered for NOVA. Upon acceptance and enrollment in the program, Case Managers provide assistance in developing a career path that includes assisting participants from enrollment to completion and beyond.

Linking potential employers with our Community or Technical Colleges to provide the necessary training needed in occupations that have been identified as Labor Market Demands/Needs.

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