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Outplacement Assistance

Running a business comes with considerable challenges. If you are considering laying off employees, closing a division or shutting down your entire business in Louisiana, we can help you to ensure a smooth transition for your company and your employees.

NOVA will save you time and help you understand all the options available to you and your employees.

NOVA can help your company:

Prepare for a layoff

During a layoff, you may be legally required to file a WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) notice, giving your employees 60 days notice. Both the federal government and the state of Louisiana have requirements indicating when this notice is necessary. If you are required to file and are located in NOVA's service area (Northeast Louisiana), notice must also be given to NOVA and the chief local elected official of the city where the layoff will occur. A confidential consultation with NOVA during the initial planning stages can help with your preparations.

Provide separated employees with career transition services and retraining
NOVA can work with you to provide outplacement services for the employees who are being laid off. The government also helps some laid-off workers learn new skills through programs such as the Workforce Investment Act and Trade Adjustment Assistance. NOVA can help you determine if this or another program is a match for your company.

A NOVA Employer Services representative can provide a confidential consultation to answer your questions. Contact us at 318-807-4024 or