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Mission Statement

It is the Mission of NOVA, as a job intermediary, to identify and connect the workforce needs of employers with training entities and with the residents of Northeast Louisiana seeking living wage employment and benefits..

What is NOVA?

A job intermediary that connects the needs of employers, with training entities and local residents who are looking for living wage employment with benefits and a career path. An Employer Driven initiative. A training effort that was developed to meet the needs of the local labor market. An initiative that support participants while they are in training through case management and counseling, participant support groups and mentoring..

How You Can Help

There are a number of ways you can assist us in our endeavors. The bulk of which can be accomplished by donations. You can donate your knowledge, expertise, time, help, resources, and monetary contributions. .


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What Are They Saying about NOVA NELA?

Annmarie Sartor, CenturyLink

"As one of Monroe’s larger employers planning to grow locally, CenturyLink recognizes the importance of cultivating a qualified workforce. This is why we support NOVA in its mission to not only prepare individuals in our community for living wage jobs but to also help them secure employment. NOVA is driving economic development and the services it provides are beneficial not only to businesses and individual but to the entire region.”

Bill Kight, President Euroboard Inc.

"As an employer who has been in the paper and plastic industries for some 40+ years, I along with many other employers, have been concerned about the lack of a skilled workforce in the area of manufacturing in our community. NOVA is an organization which has made great strides in taking individuals who for whatever reason have taken the wrong path in life and need someone to give them guidance and vision in becoming a contributing source in the general workplace. "

Debbie Horstmann, MBA, SHRM-SCP SPHR | Director, Human Resources St. Francis Medical Center

"St. Francis is excited to partner with NOVA as a means to support our orga-nization, our mission and our community. NOVA provides a unique ability to enhance the abilities and skills of individuals which are needed for them to secure stable employment and economic independence. They have been helpful in connecting our workforce needs to those individuals which allows St. Francis as an organization to provide for our patients and community."

Erik Stoor Director, Operations North America Gardner Denver Thomas

"Gardner Denver has had great success with the NOVA program - the candi-dates we've hired are committed to hard work, to self-improvement, and to the success of our team. We strongly support the mission and intent of NOVA, and it will remain for us a preferred program to depend on for entry level op-portunities to join our team."